Back on the campaign trail after a night of shouting and pontificating at the first presidential debate earlier this week, Donald Trump stopped in Miami, Florida on Tuesday to mingle with some GOP supporters. Wavering from his normal diet of Big Macs and McFlurries, the Donald ducked into Versailles Restaurant—an institution in the city's historic Little Havana—and proceeded to do two things the public has never witnessed before. First, the often miserly presidential hopeful left a surprisingly hefty tip, and then he actually lifted a cup with his tiny hands and took a sip of coffee—a basic human function that the Donald typically abstains from. 

In a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday, Trump and his squad—including former motor-boating partner Rudy Giuliani—can be seen huddled around the coffee shop's counter ordering their food. 

According to WSVN, Trump ordered a Cuban coffee, ham croquettes, and guava pastries, totally roughly $10. Even if the nominee was paying for the whole crews' coffee and food, the $83 tip was definitely more than 20 percent. 

If we're to believe what was said at the debate this week, that means it's possible the Donald spent $83 more on a cup of coffee than he ever has paying federal income taxes. In fact, it's safe to say we would all tip a little better if we didn't have those pesky taxes taken out of our checks every month. 

Still, what's more shocking than Trump opening up his wallet is that fact that he actually ordered a cup of coffee. Trump has stated multiple times throughout the decades that he's never had a sip of java in his life. And yet, here he is, sipping a tiny cup of Joe like a living, breathing human being. 

So has Donald been lying to us this whole time, or is he just pandering to coffee-loving voters in Little Havana? Perhaps now that Trump has finally discovered caffeine, he can lay off the hard stuff and stop sniffling so much. Only time will tell. 

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