Bruges, Belgium—a region best known for bestowing humanity with other-worldly gifts like beer, chocolate, waffles, and french fries—is now also home to the first ever beer pipeline. Yes, as of Friday, beer literally flows through the medieval, cobblestone streets of Bruges like water, transporting more than 1,000 gallons of ice-cold suds an hour. Simply put, Belgium, a country whose residents already drink over 20 gallons of beer each year, is about to become the most lit place on earth.

Though the idea of a beer pipeline might seem a bit unnecessary, with translucent manhole covers allowing city-dwellers to witness the process as they stroll, the project actually has a practical purpose. Large, tanker trucks tasked with transporting beer from De Halve Maan brewery—or the Half Moon, in English—to the city’s bottling plants had difficulty making their deliveries due to the high influx of tourists clogging the streets of Bruges. Eventually, the operation became so costly and ineffective that the 500-year-old company was at risk of getting kicked out of its headquarters.

“We got the idea from looking at other life provisions that run through pipes,” Xavier Vanneste, the brewery's director, told the New York Times. “Water pipes, electricity pipes, cable distribution, etc. So why wouldn’t that be possible for beer?”

Thanks to the internet, 500 benefactors made the 4 million-euro (roughly $4.5 million, USD) pipeline possible via an online crowd-sourcing campaign. The incentive? Each backer will be rewarded with free beer for life.

“For example, someone that only made a small investment will get maybe a pack of beer every year on his birthday," Vanneste explained. "But someone who paid the maximum amount may receive up to one bottle of beer a day for the rest of his or her life.”

This is one investment with literally no downside. 

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