Last month, after Hillary Clinton selected Tim Kaine as her presidential running mate, the Virginia senator was called “boring” by almost every newspaper, magazine, and television station on the planet. When asked whether Kaine was a bit on the dull side by the New York Times, Clinton couldn’t help but respond in the affirmative. “I love that about him,” she said earnestly.

Hell, Tim Kaine is so unbelievably boring that even Tim Kaine thinks Tim Kaine is boring. “I am boring,” he told Meet The Press with a sheepish grin. “But boring is the fastest growing demographic in this country.”

Even if Kaine is a little vanilla—OK, very vanilla—boring guys need to cut loose sometimes, too.

Throwing caution to the wind by going out on a weeknight, Kaine could be seen pounding some craft beers at Catawba Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina on Monday. According to Politico, the vice presidential nominee enjoyed a White Zombie—a local wheat beer—and left a whopping $5 tip for his bartender.

Properly inebriated—both from the beer, as well as the thrill of eating barbecue and banana pudding— Kaine then proceeded to get up on stage and play harmonica while the band ran through a cover of Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Wagon Wheel.”

Sure, “Wagon Wheel”—a song commonly played by acoustic guitar-wielding frat bros in the "quad"—is not the most exciting song ever written. But before you start calling Kaine boring again, just remember that a deep cut by Sara Bareilles took the number 5 spot on Barack Obama’s playlist last week.

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