While the average restaurant-goer may occasionally worry about their doughnuts being dropped on the ground, or their hamburger buns being stored in the bathroom, police officers have been incurring the brunt of fast-food workers wrath in recent weeks. Going way beyond the juvenile practice of spitting in a customer's drink, one Subway employee in Layton, Utah has been accused of lacing a sergeant's lemonade with methamphetamine and THC. 

Surveillance footage from the restaurant on Monday shows 18-year-old sandwich artist Tanis Lloyd Ukena spending "an unusual amount of time" handling a drink before serving the cup to an officer, the Deseret News reports.

The officer began to feel strange a few minutes later as he continued on patrol.

"While approaching an intersection that had a red light, he had difficulty getting his foot to move to the brake pedal," the police report reads. "[He] drove to the Layton Police Department, where he was observed to have signs of impairment. He was unable to process information and drifted off, and was unable to focus on questions being asked of him." 

The officer—whose name has not been released—was rushed to a nearby hospital, where a drug test confirmed the presence of meth and THC in his system.

Clint Bobrowski, another sergeant with the Layton Police Department, believes Ukena targeted his colleague solely because he was a uniformed police officer. Ukena has been arrested and booked on the felony charge of "investigation of surreptitious administration of a substance," though he denies lacing the drink at all.

But even with his colleague in the hospital, Bobrowski doesn't want one employee's actions to give sandwich artists a bad rap everywhere.

"In no way is this a reflection on the ownership of the restaurant," he said. "We don’t have any fears for the safety of the public. They’ve been great dealing with us, and we would definitely encourage people that eat there to continue to do so."

Though the incident in Utah marks one of the more serious examples, the meth-laced beverage is not the first time fast-food employees have messed with police officers. A number of workers have been refusing to serve cops in recent weeks, and employees at Zaxby's in North Carolina were accused of purposely serving officers extra-spicy wings.

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