A little over a year ago, America was faced with a grave decision. Following a bitter fallout between Snoop Dogg and Pabst Brewing Company—resulting in a lawsuit over the breach of a three-year endorsement deal—the country was forced to choose between the Dogfather of hip-hop and the beloved purveyor of cheap booze like PBR, Schlitz, and Colt 45.

Now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, it appears Snoop is one step closer to successfully suing the beverage company after a California judge declined to drop the rapper’s case on Monday.

“It's maddening," judge Malcolm H. Mackey said during the hearing, claiming that both parties had presented too much conflicting information to come to a decision. "[Y]ou gentlemen have conjured up a lot of facts on this case."

Snoop’s connection to Pabst dates back to 2011, when the rapper first became the face of Blast by Colt 45, a fruit-flavored spin on the classic, Billy Dee Williams-endorsed malt drink. According to THR, the rapper’s contract contained a “phantom equity clause,” entitling him to 10 percent of the profits if the company was sold before January 2016.

Though the story gets a bit bogged down in legalese (and there’s much debate over the semantics of the deal), Pabst Corporate Holdings sold all of its stock in Pabst Holdings Inc.—the sole shareholder of Pabst Brewing—in 2014. 

The beverage company is arguing that the sale transferred control—not ownership—of Blast, and didn’t impact the rapper’s clause.

Snoop’s camp, however, believes Pabst is trying to bamboozle the artist out of the near $70 million he’s owed. One way or another, October’s trial is going to be interesting.

“Pabst is trying to pull a fast one and argue that even though they sold this company for close to $700 million, they didn’t really sell the company," Alex Weingarten, Snoop’s attorney, told THR. "It is preposterous and just like the Judge saw through this nonsense today, we are confident that a jury will agree at our upcoming trial.”

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