On Sunday night, at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Drake presented Rihanna with the Vanguard Award, a golden Moonman signifying the 28-year-old singer’s lifetime achievement as a performer and entertainer. And while much of the conversation following the ceremony focused on whether or not the singer “curved” her rumored boyfriend on stage, the fact of the matter is that Rihanna deserves a trophy for her unflinching dedication to being a badass alone.

Earlier this month, Twitter exploded with dozens of images of RiRi casually taking her wine glasses to-go as she exited a slew of upscale restaurants—yet another testament to the singer’s enduring, IDGAF persona. The day after the VMAs the singer continued her wine-stealing streak, taking yet another glass of rosé with her as she left Nobu, the pricey, Manhattan sushi restaurant owned by chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa.

And while someone should really let Rihanna trade that Moonman in for a golden wine glass, the singer also made headlines because of who she was with during the caper, and what she was wearing.

It’s no secret that Rihanna and Drake spent some, uh, time together after the VMAs on Sunday. And though it’s been reported that the singer wore a "sexy white shirt dress" (smdh) to dinner the next night, it's been pointed out that Rihanna was maybe—just maybe—rocking Drizzy’s button-down from the awards on her way to grab some sushi.

Whether or not all this Drake-Rihanna fan fiction ever turns into reality, the pair may give the Internet a collective brain aneurysm if they're not careful.