College is a place for intellectual exploration. On campus, the rote memorization and monotony of high school is supposed to give way to critical thinking and real-world know-how. Still, college is also a place where dick jokes and caffeine addiction reign supreme. So when the University of North Texas began selling coffee mugs that accidentally spelled something obscene, the Internet found the cup and mercilessly mocked it online. 

According to On Breaking, the mug was created by UNT—a school that uses an abbreviation just one small letter away from a universally offensive word—as part of its 125-year anniversary celebration. With such a rich, storied history in higher education, one might think that a discerning professor would have noticed the gaffe and stopped the school from adding a "C" shaped handle to the front of its name. But alas, no one was there to keep UNT from making its monumentally obvious blunder. 

Apparently, the joke is an old one on campus—so it's possible that someone in the college's marketing department purposely had some fun with the mugs—but Barnes & Noble unwittingly began selling the product on its website earlier this year regardless. 

Once photos of the mug began circulation online, people immediately took to Twitter to clown on UNT for making such an profane mistake. 

Of course, UNT has already pulled the lewd mugs from stores, and the school's new cups now place the lettering on the opposite side of the handle. No doubt the original mugs will be going for big bucks on the UNT black market. 

[via On Breaking]