Rihanna is a living legend. This is an indisputable fact. And while the Barbadian singer has sold over 200 million records in 74 countries since launching her career more than a decade ago, Rihanna’s status as an icon isn’t just about her music, but rather her unduring dominance as a badass. Whether she’s making it rain $15,000 on strippers in Texas, or rolling blunts on a security guard's head, or throwing shade at Steph Curry (the list goes on…), Riri plays by her own rules at all times.

On Twitter Thursday, MTV’s Josh Edwards paid tribute to one of Rihanna’s most enduring, IDGAF moves: walking out of a restaurant with a half-full glass of wine in hand. If it’s time to leave and the singer hasn’t finished her vino yet, no waiter in the world is going to ask her to leave it behind.

Here, via Edwards and Bad Gal Riri herself, are all the times Rihanna took her wine glass to go. 

[via Josh Edwards/Twitter]