Ever since kids started skating abandoned swimming pools and sneaking into vacant lots, skateboarders have been known for their DIY ingenuity. So when Napa Valley native Andrew Cole needed a new deck, he didn't head to a skate shop, he grabbed some old wine barrels and started a new business.

In a video posted to YouTube earlier this week, Cole can be seen tearing apart an old barrel and constructing a board, separating the staves (the planks of wood that actually make the barrel) before gluing three of the slats back together. Cole then uses a saw to shape a nose and tail out of the wood, and throws a pair of trucks on the board from a discarded deck. 

From there, Cole rides his invention down a hill and gets in some lines at the local park. The "staveboards" are totally functional, with the natural curve of the wood providing a similar kick as a traditional nose and tail. 

"The barrel, it's just such nice oak," Cole says in the video, as a cover of the Pixie's "Wave of Mutilation" plays in the background. "It's either American oak or French oak, and the oak tree has to be 125-years-old for them to make a wine barrel out of it, so it's really strong wood."

Because the staves are sturdy and boast a natural concave, simply gluing and drilling a few staves side by side makes for a solid board. And while Cole originally made the board just for himself, the decks have blown up on social media in recent weeks, and fans can now buy their own staveboards from Old Friends, a skate company also out of Napa Valley.

"Whenever I see a wine barrel, I just see cruiser boards," Cole says. "That's all I see."

[via Youtube/OldFriends]