It doesn’t take much to start a bar fight. At times, something as a simple as sideways look, or a misconstrued comment, can plunge a pub into the chaos of thrown barstool and broken bottles. Still, despite the long, well-documented history of bad behavior under the influence of alcohol, this may be a first. According to the Miami Herald, a fight broke out at a Florida bar last week, all because of a fart.

“The argument was due to someone farting," a witness confirmed to the police, before being taken to the hospital for a dislocated shoulder.

The fart heard round the world went down at the aptly titled Sloppy Joe’s Bar, “one of Key West's most famous watering holes” on Duval Street. The details are a little foggy, but the incident involved Richard McBride and Sandra Stoner—a couple from Naples, Florida—who confronted another couple at the bar last Monday. What exactly sparked the fight remains unclear, but, once again, McBride and Stoner confirmed to the police that the argument arose “over a fart.”

While the passing of gas at Sloppy Joe’s may be one of the few bar fights instigated by the breaking of wind, farts have been the cause of other disputes in Florida in recent months. Last year, a woman was arrested for attacking her husband after man repeatedly farted in bed, the Miami Herald also reported at the time.

Word is still out on whether the “whoever smelt it dealt it” defense holds up in a court of law.

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