For years, an urban legend has claimed that submerging items like nails and screws in cups of Coca-Cola will cause the metal to dissolve and disintegrate. After boiling the drink, it's been proven that the sugary soda turns into a thick, tar-like substance. Still, since the inception of Coke back in 19th century, far fewer men have wondered what sitting in a vat of high fructose corn syrup and phosphoric acid could actually do to the human body. That is, until now.

Last Friday, the YouTube channel TechRax posted a video of a man named Ryan soaking in a swimming pool filled with 1,500 gallons of Coke, adding a bucket full of Mentos for extra fizz, and roughly 200 pounds of ice to cool the unholy, backyard body cocktail off.

As Ryan plunges into the soda-filled pool, he describes the sensation of swimming in a cauldron of brown, bubbling soft drink as feeling "really smooth" and "really weird." Though he ultimately announces that the bath feels "real good," Ryan's initial reluctance to dip his head into the pool would suggest otherwise. Still, the video's crescendo occurs when—for some inexplicable reason— a drone is flown directly into the pool, disturbing Ryan's relaxing dip. 

While Ryan is surely an American hero, food and beverage bathing isn't exactly new. In Japan, Yunessan Spa Resort offers baths full of red wine, sake, green tea, coffee, and more to help with customer's complexions and to heal skin. The same spa also offers the Internet-famous ramen bath, where guests soak in pork-based broth said to be rich in collagen. 

Still, it remains unclear whether mixing Coke with Mentos has any skin-healing properties.

“Ryan stayed in the pool for roughly 20 minutes and didn’t notice any significant changes to his skin or hair other than feeling really sticky,” Taras Maksimuk, ​the man who runs the YouTube channel, told the Huffington Post on Sunday. “But he said his skin felt very smooth in the pool.”

[via TechRax]