In 1977, the film Smokey and the Bandit featured Burt Reynolds hauling 400 cases of bootleg Coors beer from Texarkana, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia with the police in hot pursuit. Now, nearly 40 years later, and some 15 miles away in Clayton County, life is imitating art.

According to the Associated Press, 3,272 cases containing 78,500 bottles of beer from SweetWater Brewing Co. were stolen Tuesday morning after two refrigerated trailers went missing. The trucks were later recovered by police using GPS—and one-fourth of the beer was discovered in a Clayton County warehouse—but the bulk of the Atlanta-based craft brewery’s product is still nowhere to be found.

“For a small company like us to lose that much beer, it really hurts,” Steve Farace, the “Minister of Propaganda” and marketing at SweetWater, told the AP. “[W]e can no longer trust that [the beer that was found] would be up to the quality standards that we as a brewery maintain, so unfortunately we have to destroy it all."

The company, which employs 150 workers, says the incident practically “wiped out” its Atlanta inventory, and warned retailers not to purchase the beer from anyone but the brewery’s official distributors.

"The really bad news is we were already having trouble keeping the Variety Pack and Goin Coastal on shelves cuz they were selling like hotcakes, and this was basically our entire inventory in Atlanta," the company wrote on its Facebook page. "[S]o you may not see it on shelves for a minute​."

[via Associated Press]