It's a scene straight out of your worst nightmare. You're sipping a nice, refreshing soda on a hot summer afternoon when suddenly an object cuts the inside of your mouth. 

This horror story almost became a reality in Keene, New Hampshire on Friday when an unsuspecting Wendy's customer found a razor blade at the bottom of her daughter's soft drink. Though a few small sips were taken, the Keene Sentinel reports that Aubrey Simonds luckily spotted the blade before her daughter was able to swallow it. 

To make matters even worse, an investigation found that the razor might have made its way into the drink after an employee found it in the trash and stored the used blade in a cup for safe keeping. The razor had allegedly been used as a cleaning tool to scrape unwanted grime off the restaurant's stoves. Still, despite the egregious sanitary violations, Simonds' daughter remains healthy following the episode.

"An unfortunate chain of events led to a bad accident," a spokesperson for eLanes Restaurants, the company that runs Wendy's in Keene, said in a statement to the Sentinel. "Nothing is more important to us than our customers and the integrity of our food at Wendy's." 

Let this incident be a warning to us all: There's no such thing as being too careful when it comes to fast-food. 

[via Grub Street]