Celebrities are routinely paid to feature products on their Instagram pages, but now, thanks to the legendary, IDGAF attitude of reality TV star Scott Disick, we have an inside look at exactly how the sausage gets made. Lord Disick was mercilessly mocked on social media Friday morning after he copy-and-pasted marketing instructions from Bootea, a company that sells weight-loss beverages, to his Instagram account verbatim. 

Disick took down the post as soon as his followers began pointing out the blunder, but luckily users were able snap a few screenshots before the caption was deleted. The former Kardashian-in-law later posted a corrected version of the post, fixing the pasting error and including a brief note indicating that the image was an advertisement. The gaffe was embarrassing, but, as Quartz notes, federal regulators require such posts to be clearly labeled as paid promotions.

But despite the ridiculousness of the mistake, Disick has been facing more serious troubles this week. Later on Friday, reports surfaced that the celebrity is suffering kidney problems due to his drinking. 

"He’s been sick for awhile," a source told Us Weekly, "and his drinking is making it worse.” 

[via Quartz]