Last week, Budweiser, the self-professed "King of Beers," announced that it would be changing the name on its labels to simply read, "America." Now, another domestic beer company, Saugatuck Brewery in Douglas, Michigan, is clapping back at the company with an ultra-patriotic ale of its own. 

The folks at Saugatuck put their Photoshop skills to good use earlier this week and created "'Murica," an imaginary, American lager "brewed under the careful watch of 1,776 Bald Eagles."


"What does it taste like, you ask?" the brewery wrote on its Facebook. "Freedom. It tastes like Freedom."

Sadly, the beer is not real, but Bud's patriotic name change certainly is. The company is still awaiting approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, but the brand's ad campaign is already in full swing. GOP front-runner Donald Trump was even asked about the new label on Fox and Friends earlier this week, and attempted to take credit for Budweiser's diehard patriotism."They’re so impressed with what our country will become that they decided to do this before the fact," he said. 

Still, Saugatuck's fans got so excited over "'Murica" that the brewery had to reply to its own Facebook post and set the record straight. 

"We hope you all got a good laugh out of it, we know we did," the brewery wrote. "I can promise you that even though we are not creating a beer called ‘Murica, we do have a lot of really great beer that you should give a try. Though they might not all taste like freedom, they all certainly taste delicious." 

[via Eater]