Narcotics dealers in China have reportedly found a new way to package their product. Dubbed “milk tea drugs” by the Chinese press, a strange, indistinct mixture of ecstasy, ketamine, and methamphetamine is being sold in the same wrappers used for the popular drink.

In Hong Kong, milk tea is typically made with black tea and condensed or evaporated milk. According to What’s On Weibo, a news site that tracks popular stories on Chinese micro-blogging services, the “highly addictive” drug tastes and smells similar to the original beverage, is ingested after being mixed with hot water, and can cause hallucinations.

“They really must thoroughly investigate this new kind of milk tea drugs,” one Weibo user said, according to the news site. “They cannot let it enter normal tea shops, and get to the people.”

While milk tea drugs have been cropping up in China since 2015, earlier this month 11 people were reportedly arrested for using the drug in a hotel room in Yangjiang—a small city roughly 140 miles southwest of Hong Kong. Authorities were tipped off about a network connected with the narcotic, and 10 of the suspects were found to have traces of the drug in their blood.

Video footage shows scenes from the drug bust, and, as Munchies notes, the suspects were “so faded that they didn’t even notice when the police had entered the room.”

Over the course of the last few weeks, drug smugglers have attempt to package narcotics in shipments of coconuts and frozen fish, but tea packets is a new one.

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