Following the release of Beyoncé’s latest visual album, Lemonade, last month, the use of lemon emojis went through the roof on Twitter, with fans posting images of the fruit over 2 million times in April.

The lemon is finally having its moment in 2016 thanks to Queen Bey. And now, according to the Huffington Post, it seems as if lemonade sales may have skyrocketed in the album’s wake as well. Purveyors of the drink say they’ve seen their profits double since the album dropped two weeks ago.

“People are drinking lemonade and posting pictures with #Beyoncé,” Natalie Sexton, the CEO of Florida-based juice company Natalie’s Juices, told the Huffington Post. The company’s sales of  lemonade, lemonade tea, and strawberry lemonade have all shot up since the album was released. “You can’t drink lemonade these days without thinking of her.”

Lemonade has long been the go-to beverage on hot summer days, and with the weather beginning to warm, the spike in sales could have more to do with quenching one’s thirst than Beyoncé’s inadvertent marketing campaign. Still, the Huffington Post notes that lemonade sales have actually been on a sharp decline since since 2004, falling roughly 24 percent. The drink’s woes has to do with its high sugar content, but Beyoncé may be changing public perception.

"Sales are increasing. We’re up about 20 percent,” Matt McLean, the CEO of Uncle Matt’s Organic, another juice company in Florida, told the Huffington Post. “I don’t know if that’s due to Beyoncé or the heat. Maybe it’s Beyoncé. We’d send her some free lemonade—it’s organic!”

While lemonade sales are clearly rising—whatever the reason may be—there’s still no word yet on how the “Rebecca with the Good Hair” cocktail is doing.

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