Historians believe the production of beer first began with the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia nearly 5,000 years ago. And though Coors was the first company to package beer in aluminum cans in 1959, human beings have likely been smashing containers of the beverage against their faces for generations—a primitive attempt to prove their dominance over the trials of pain and inebriation. While the satisfaction of a beer toss is largely a testament to camaraderie and friendship, the beer crush speaks directly to human aggression. 

Typically, a crush requires an empty can to be collapsed against one’s forehead, but today the "art form" has evolved to incorporate samurai swords, steamrollers, and nearly every appendage of the human anatomy. Still, even as the act has soared to new and innovative heights in 2016, there remains something primal about bashing a thin cylinder of aluminum squarely against one's skull.

For better or for worse, the desire to crush cans is deeply engrained in the human psyche, and luckily, a few brave souls seem determined to keep the tradition alive through the 21st century. For that, we are truly grateful. Here, in their honor, are 10 epic beer crushes for the history books.