Americans celebrating the end of the Cuban embargo have been flocking to the island nation in droves, eating pernil and platanos, and sipping mojitos by the beach. But rum isn’t the only beverage that tourists are knocking back in Havana. In fact, they are drinking so much beer that Cuba is running out, and that’s a problem.

Beer is in such high demand that Cuban breweries are having a hard time keeping the kegs full. According to Mashable, the biggest brewery on the island, Brewer Bucanero, is so desperate to keep up with the shortage that it will be importing an extra three million cases of beer from nearby Dominica to keep visitors drunk and happy.

Beer from Cuba. #bucanero

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Brewer Bucanero is a collaborative effort between the Cuban government and Anheuser-Busch InBev, who are probably licking their lips at the thought of another brewery or two being added to the island. Because if there’s one thing that Anheuser-Busch knows, it’s selling beer to Americans.

Tourism in Cuba is big business and growing fast. The amount of American tourists on the island rose 77% over the past year, and with President Obama’s recent trip and no more embargo, that number should continue to rise.

What we want to know is when the craft-beer revolution will hit Cuba. It sounds like the market’s ready.

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