If you’ve been bragging to your bros lately about how rad your Heineken mini-keg is, we’ve got news for you: It’s not cool. What is cool, though, is having a beer tap built into your kitchen sink, connected directly to a brewery beneath your apartment.

According to VinePair, that is exactly how Mr. Yeremeev from Chelyabinsk, Russia is living. Using some pretty simple piping, this guy was able to convince his brewery neighbor to set him up with a lifetime supply of freely flowing lager.

Being the neighbor that he is, Mr. Yeremeev asked permission from the housing board before he went through with the alterations.

Needless to say, Mr. Yeremeev is the talk of the town and the envy of all his friends—or, as he puts it, “I’m just happy to live out my dream.”

We could all be so lucky; excuse us as we start scanning Craigslist for apartments on top of breweries.

[via VinePair]