Remember when every celebrity wanted a booze endorsement? Now, in the age of marijuana legalization, the gold rush has shifted to the weed business, with everyone from the totally expected (Snoop Dogg), to the totally unexpected (Bethany Frankel), nabbing deals for edibles, wax, and other toking products.

The latest rapper to enter the burgeoning industry is The Game, who teamed up with G FarmaBrands to launch a new line of cannabis-infused drinks and cigarettes across California and Washington, according to Billboard.

The California-based emcee will release a line of beverages (“G Drinks”) that includes various weed-laced lemonade flavors—including strawberry and “pink”—as well as cannabis cigarettes called “G Stiks.”

Ata Gonzalez, founder of G FarmaBrands, tells Billboard,

“As an award-winning recording artist, star and icon, The Game embodies the true spirit of the marijuana culture. He understands the plant and is a firm believer in us as a company and our dedication to setting the industry standard through quality and innovation.”

But be warned, kids: The Game wants to ensure the products are marketed for medical and “adult use” only. So if you’re still underage, don’t let him catch you high on his products when he appears at the Cannabis Cup later this April.

[via Billboard]