Snoop Dogg is always blunt about his love for, well, blunts, and this 4/20—everyone’s favorite made-up marijuana-focused holiday—is no exception. Like a media publication launching an entire Christmas package, the rapper dropped an incredible amount of 4/20-themed curated content on his Instagram today. And it’s still only lunchtime on the west coast!

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The highlight of the set is definitely a low-key video of Snoop’s coffee table loaded with an array of blunts, gold chains, and an incredible assortment of munchies-curing snacks. It looks like he hijacked an entire vending machine. Here is a full list of what he is snacking on while watching Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless go at in on ESPN’s First Take:

1) Mike and Ike’s

2) Nutter Butters

3) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

4) Skittles

5) Chips Ahoy!

6) Jif Peanut Butter

7) A bowl of fruit (keeping things balanced)

8) Coca-Cola

9) Water (gotta keep hydrated)

10) What appears to be a pack of Sour Patch Kids

Bro Bible points out that it all kicked off when Snoop snapped a picture of his phone background at—surprise surprise—4:20 in the morning. After giving the world a look at his snacks, he also dropped an image of a curated playlist for all your smoking needs. Then, when the weed had clearly begun to kick in, Snoop felt inspired to announce that he is going to release 100 singles in 100 days—followed by a picture of him, Rihanna… and Tupac? These were then followed by an incredible video series of Snoop donning Snapchat-like face filters and making voices.

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Might want to put down the edibles Snoop, even if they are your own brand.

[via Bro Bible]