Just in case you needed anymore proof the bros are the worst, here’s a video of some hard-partying dudes taking shots out a salmon’s butt. Yup!

While Space X works to make it possible for humans to live on other planets, and people like Malala Yousafzai are fighting for a woman’s rights to education, these guys have unleashed all their brain power on the challenge of getting wasted using a dead fish.

According to FoodBeast, a group of dudes from British Columbia were on a bachelor party trip where they went salmon fishing. And as one naturally does with freshly caught salmon, the guys decided to transform the dead fish into a beer bong, where you drink from, well, the fish’s “butthole.”

It’s definitely a messy option when it comes to drink vessels—most of the beer spills out of the gills, to be honest. But at least you might get some Omega-3s in the process.

If you are a bro and insist on using offbeat vessels to get hammered, there’s always the bone luge, which has the benefit of lining your stomach with marrow before you guzzle. Another alt-drinking vessel that doesn’t put animals is harms way is the cookie cup, which is also way more delicious than a raw fish. Or why not get classy and do bong hits of Champagne with this sleek and elegant Chambong?

[via Foodbeast]