It’s a good time to be someone who eschews dairy. We live in an era where snagging some soy, almond, or coconut milk for a morning latte is as easy as asking for skim milk. And if none of those do it for you, the world has figured out how to make “milk” from rice, quinoa, hazelnuts, bananas, and now… peas. Fast Company writes that Ripple is hitting the market with a milk-like drink made from the little green vegetable.

The pea milk doesn’t actually taste like peas. If anything, “It’s a lot more like dairy milk than any other dairy-alternative milk on the market,” according to cofounder Adam Lowry. Unlike almond milk, which has a gram or two of protein per serving, pea milk has eight grams, which is closer to dairy milk. It also has more potassium than almond milk and a third of the saturated fat of dairy milk.

The biggest advantage to pea milk is that it has a “substantially smaller carbon and water footprint” than dairy milk. To produce one gallon of regular milk requires 1,000 gallons of water. To produce the peas, which are typically grown in the Midwest, requires 99 percent less water to make. Pea milk even requires 96 percent less water to make than almond milk, because almonds are typically grown in California’s drought-affected Central Valley.

The company has developed the technology to make pea milk and is now in the process of patenting a process that can “separate the good stuff from the peas from all of the stuff that kind of gives it that off-flavor.” If you make pea milk the way you make almond milk, the milk would definitely taste like peas. This process allows the milk to have all of the protein but none of the pea flavor. So bust out your cereal stash and get ready to douse it with peas.

[via Fast Company]