If you’re going to launder money through your coffee kiosk, make sure to actually open the shop every once in a while to keep the ruse going. According to KOIN, that is the mistake Eric Scully, Joan Scully, and Krystin Livingston made at their Blac Sheep Coffee kiosk in Eugene, Oregon. The three are being charged in federal court for using the kiosk as front for a drug business.

Eric Scully operated three marijuana grow sites around the city and managed to ship nearly 800 pounds of weed to multiple states. He and his accomplices made more than a million dollars on the operation, which they laundered through the coffee kiosk. The trio used the money to buy luxury goods like clothing, vehicles, homes, and even weapons.

Photo: Blac Sheep Coffee/Facebook

The group got caught because the coffee kiosk was “rarely open.” Not only that, but they also failed to make the inventory look like a fully functioning coffee shop: Apparently, purchase records show “little to no coffee bean purchases” over the two years it was open.

While they were busy running a million-dollar, multi-state drug operation, they could have at least used a small portion of the money to stock up on beans every once in a while. Though, to their credit, they did at least make the business a Facebook page that they posted on a couple of times.

Instead of using the coffee kiosk to launder the weed money, perhaps the trio should have looked to combining the two in a more legal method. The recreational use of marijuana is allowed after all in Oregon, making it the perfect place to launch a coffee shop selling marijuana-infused cups of joe, and maybe even cold brew.

[via KOIN]