We all know that drinking is the fountain of youth. You go out to the bar, order a fancy cocktail, dance in the dark, and feel like you're 21 again. Now, that cocktail might actually help you turn back the hands of time; introducing Anti AGin, a collagen-infused gin.

According to Mashable, the spirit is just the latest of a variety of products that promise to replenish the collagen levels in your body, and hopefully erase some wrinkles in the meantime. Restaurants in Japan sell dishes with whole chunks of collagen in them, and some supermarkets in Asia even sell the protein on their shelves. 

Anti AGin is the brain-child of Warner Leisure Hotels, who commissioned stunt-food masters Bompas & Parr to crank out the age-defying liquor. 

The boozy life serum won't come cheap, though. A bottle goes for about $50, but maybe you can save on eye cream?

We're not sure how many gin & tonics you'll have to put back to start feeling the beautifying affects of the booze, but by the third or fourth one you'll be too drunk to notice your wrinkles...maybe that's the key. 

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