While Starbucks baristas have a reputation for getting names spelled out on a coffee cup horribly wrong, offering up an obviously fake name won’t make the situation any easier. That’s what former Happy Days actor and outspoken Trump supporter Scott Baio learned the hard way over the weekend. According to the American Mirror, Baio went to a location of the famed coffee chain to pick up a drink for his wife where a prank he started completely backfired on him.

Baio tweeted out that the name he gave for the order was “Trump,” the last name of the controversial presidential candidate and comb over-enthusiast, Donald Trump. The barista “refused to call out the name,” writes Baio. After tagging Donald Trump in the tweet, he finished it off with a mic drop of a hashtag, “#MustBeABernieVoter.”

Most amazingly, Baio claims in the tweet that he himself has “never had a cup” of coffee. Does he not know that drinking coffee could prolong his life? (Supporting Trump so vehemently might shorten it.)

So far the presidential candidate has remained silent on the incident, but it wouldn’t be surprising if The Donald wanted to boycott of the chain again. Last November, Trump called for a boycott of Starbucks after a few overly caffeinated evangelical Christians took offense to Starbucks’ two-tone red ombré holiday cups that were free of Christmas imagery. One vocal evangelical even went so far as to say that Starbucks was just a bunch of Frappuccino-slinging Jesus haters.

[via American Mirror]