Convenience store 7-Eleven has a history of dropping some crazy collaborations, but its latest might be the most unexpected. Over the years, the chain has teamed up with everyone from Doritos (remember those nacho-cheese filled triangular cheese sticks?), to Faygo (to make the best Slurpee flavor of all time). It’s latest partnership, however, is with the IRS—that’s right, the Internal Revenue Service—to make it easier for people to pay their taxes.

According to Consumerist, taxpayers can now fork over money to the government at participating 7-Eleven locations. While it might seem silly to pay your taxes in a store that has no qualms about selling you lukewarm taquitos and endless Snickers bars, it actually makes a lot of sense. Some people don’t have bank account or credit card to use for their taxes, and so going to a 7-Eleven lets them pay their taxes with cash. You can’t mail an envelope loaded with Benjamins to the government, after all.

Those interested in paying at 7-Eleven just need to follow a simple three-step process (in full here) that involves printing a payment code specific to your taxes and bringing the cash to the 7-Eleven. However, it’s not a great option if you owe thousands in taxes: The chain will only accept up to $1,000 per day, and there is a $3.99 fee per payment. On the plus side, schlepping to a 7-Eleven to pay taxes makes it incredibly easy to drown the loss of half of your bank account to Uncle Sam in a nice, giant Big Gulp.

[via Consumerist]