A lot of people are grumpy when they haven’t had enough coffee, but one Starbucks customer took her caffeine deprivation to a new—and violent—level. According to KOMO News, police officers were called to Starbucks location in Seattle yesterday over a stabbing. A woman grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed another woman in the face. Starbucks has a reputation for price gouging but no one expects to receive a literal gouging when trying to buy coffee.

The suspect ran away from the scene after stabbing the victim, but police were eventually able to apprehend the suspect. The woman who was stabbed managed to walk away from the situation relatively unscathed: She only sustained minor injuries. Police are still working to figure out what instigated the stabbing in the first place.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time someone has been stabbed over food. Last year, a man was stabbed to death for taking the last piece of fried chicken. And just months before that, a woman had her eye gouged out with a meat afford because she took the last remaining rib while attending a BBQ.  Let’s just hope this Starbucks stabbing wasn’t over low-supplies of butterbeer Frappuccinos.

[via KOMO News]