Diehard “Kimmy Schmit” fans who need a bottle of wine to pair with their viewing are in for a treat. Tituss Burgess, the actor who plays Kimmy’s fame-starved roommate, now has his own bottle of Pinot Noir.

Burgess announced the wine on his Instagram page early Thursday with a video that features the voice of Burgess singing in the background. Fans can get their hands on a bottle before season two of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit” even hits Netflix. The wine can be immediately bought online for $24.99 and is expected to be arriving in stores in the near future.

If you need something to get you even move pumped, why not re-listen to Burgess’ character Titus Andromedon’s hit song “Peeno Noir” to remind you why the series and wine create the perfect pair.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Music Video “Peeno Noir” from InSync + BemisBalkind on Vimeo.

Or up your Titus Andromedon knowledge with a video of some of his best moments on the show.

Regardless, we know this wine is going to make watching the second season of the show that much more enjoyable.

[via Mashable]