After IHOP dished out countless free pancakes for National Pancake Day, some thought life couldn’t get any better. Boy, were they wrong. One 27-year-old—a hero to penny-pinching lushes—took it upon himself to hand out free drinks to customers between August 7, 2015 and February 18, 2016 at a Brooklyn IHOP.

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The culprit, William F. Powell, has been arrested for taking one for the team and serving more $3,000 worth of gratis drinks, reports DNA Info.

Suspicions arose after Powell’s boss noticed the server’s beverage revenue was not up to par with his counterparts. As DNA Info notes, Powell’s beverage sales would account for about 6% of his average customer receipt, while the drinks from his counterparts would take up 17-20%.

After reviewing surveillance footage, Powell’s boss Akrell Cox pinpointed Powell’s tendency to hand out free drinks. Powell even admitted he had been doing it since he began working at IHOP.

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After he was caught, Powell opened up to investigators detailing why he did it, explaining,

“I am the modern day Robin Hood, I am not stealing, I am serving the ones in need, I take from the rich and give to the poor.”

Now, Powell faces charges of grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, and petit larceny, according to DNA Info.

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