Ever wish downing six packs of beer would give you six-pack abs? According to Eater, a UK-based supplement shop called MuscleFood.com might just grant you your wish. The company just launched a protein-packed beer, dubbed “Barbell Brew,” that allegedly contains as much protein as a small cut of sirloin steak.

The product’s website notes that the “thirst quenching brew” has 33 percent fewer calories than regular beer, 85 percent fewer carbs, and 95 percent more protein. And of course, the beer is gluten-free, because what right-minded bro pounds gluten after a leg session? As for taste, the beer allegedly has “notes of tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose,” and it retails for £13 per six-pack, or about $3 per bottle, making it cheaper than most protein shakes.

It might be hard to believe but this isn’t the first protein beer on the market. Last July, two bros from Boston combined their brains and brawn to create Mighty Squirrel, a high-protein craft beer. However, Mighty Squirrel only has five grams of protein per bottle compared to Barbell Brew’s 21.8 grams, which will not give you as many gains, brah.

[via Eater]