Quick history lesson: Gatorade, the nearly omnipresent sports-energy drink, began its ascent at the University of Florida in the 1960s as a replenishing drink for the school’s football players (who are also known as the Gators—get the connection?). Because of this evolution, Gatorade is a frequent sight for the school’s athletes on the sidelines, as well as a financial boon for the university itself: ESPN reported in 2015 that UF had made $281 million from the drink off its 20 percent of the royalties.

However, when it comes to March Madness, the NCAA strongly prefers the Gators guzzle Powerade, which sponsors the tournament. According to Syracuse sports reporter Paul Schwedelson, the Gators women aren’t having it, opting to fill their Powerade-branded water bottles with Gatorade instead.


If you’re a fan of brand loyalty, that’s a badass move. It’s also a killer way to thumb a nose at one of the country’s most corrupt organizations. Just imagine the squad dumping a barrel’s-worth of Gatorade onto coach Amanda Butler if they were to win the whole thing. That would be a truly great sports “fuck you” moment.

[via SB Nation]