Spring break is upon us, which means flocks of drunken college students are traveling across the globe to let loose for a few days too many.

Getting drunk at the bar before your flight might seem like a great way to pass the time, until you realize you are going to be stuck in a metal box flying in the sky with strangers for the next five or so hours. A pre-flight booze sesh may or may not have contributed to a drunken brawl that broke out on a Spirit Airlines fight from Baltimore to Los Angeles. What was the fight about anyway? A boombox.

I know what you’re thinking: boomboxes still exist? According to KTLA 5, the altercation began after a group of drunken passengers refused to stop blasting their music from the boombox. Cell phone footage shows people getting out of their seats to join in, clearly demonstrating that the airline staff had lost all control of its passengers.

The only thing worse that being in the premises of a fight is being unable to escape the fight zone. When police arrived on board after landing, no passenger was allowed to leave. Although, ultimately, after the FBI investigated the matter, no passengers were charged.

[via the Los Angeles Times]