From champagne shout-outs to questionable golden-liqueur endorsements (we miss you, Lil’ Flip), hip-hop has a long and at times shaky relationship with booze shilling. But if anyone can raise the bar, it’s probably Drake.

The 6 God announced a new whiskey, Virginia Black, last month on Instagram, and now he’s finally followed up with a sneak peek at the packaging:

First look @virginiablackwhiskey

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There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the brand—from what the name stands for, to who’s actually producing the stuff. But from what we know about Drizzy’s food-and-drink habits—he eats at French Laundry, and sips Lagunitas IPA when he’s partying—we’d say he has pretty good taste, and he’s generally pretty picky about what he puts his name on.

We’re also happy to see a rap-endorsed whiskey, as opposed to yet another “quadruple-filtered” vodka or tequila. Drake is the type of dude to throw some brown liquor into a tumbler and stare out the window while he plots his next text to his ex, so we’re hoping Virginia Black really captures the moody, drinking-alone-in-the-dark side of whiskey.

As soon as it’s available, we’ll be sure to run it by our friend Danny Brown for an official taste test:

[via Complex]