Californians looking to drink away the stress of “the worst drought in 1,200 years” can now do so with the help of beer. Recycled beer, that is.

Architect Russ Drinker has partnered with Half Moon Bay Brewing Company owner Lenny Mendonca to create the drought-friendly Mavericks Tunnel Vision IPA, made with recycled gray water (i.e., the water used in sinks and showers). According to Grub Street, the brewery is using the same Nasa water-recycling system that “technology astronaut Scott Kelly used to make coffee from his sweat and pee while on the International Space Station.” Good to know.

Nothing finer on a Friday afternoon than a great brew enjoyed outside! #TGIF

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Mendonca tells the Guardian,

[pullquote]“This is the product [where] people think that water is the most important ingredient. So if I can demonstrate to people that not only is [gray water beer] good, but it’s great, then why wouldn’t you use that water for everything else?” [/pullquote]

Despite these good intentions, California isn’t too keen on having residents drinking recycled bathwater. So as of right now, the IPA isn’t for sale, but it’s been available for a couple tastings. Still, Mendonca hopes that his creation will open the public’s eyes to other uses of gray water. Given that it takes roughly 20 gallons of water to make a pint of beer, beer is rife for environmental innovation—whether that means brewing with recycled water, or stale bread and bruised tomatoes:

[via Grub Street]