When it comes to purchasing, we always want to make sure we’re getting the most bang for our buck, regardless of the item. After Costa Coffee increased the price between its large coffee size and regular, Paul Hopkinson was skeptical whether the increase was worth it.

Hopkinson took it upon himself to conduct a little experiment to see just how much extra coffee the large size will get you in comparison to the regular. What he found was unexpected: the large coffee cup fit the same amount of coffee as the regular. Hopkinson came to the conclusion that when it comes to coffee cups, size really doesn’t matter.

The video went viral, as customers quickly realized the amount of money they could save on their morning trip to Costa. Costa reached out to Hopkinson on Facebook explaining that there is indeed a size difference of four ounces between the regular and large cups, as well as an extra shot of coffee in the large size.


One Facebook user notes that the video prompted her Costa barista to fill her coffee to the brim, resulting in a mess that could have otherwise been avoided.


At least Costa isn’t facing legal action for its marketing. Two Starbucks regulars filed a class-action lawsuit against the coffee titan, alleging that company baristas have been under-filling their lattes. Pro-tip: Never skimp on diehard coffee fans.

[via Mashable]