No matter if you’ve fantasized about it, poisoning your co-worker is not the way to solve any workplace issues. Unfortunately, one former waitress didn’t agree with that mentality and a 37-year-old man is now in a coma. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 43-year-old Waffle House server Sonserea Dawn Evans allegedly spiked her co-worker’s drink with methamphetamine last December.

Dawson County Sheriff’s Office Captain Tony Wooten tells the AJC that at one point the man was in such bad shape that he “required a feeding tube and ventilator.” Police were called to the Waffle House in Georgia due to the 37-year-old having a medical emergencies. Officers then found a video that showed a woman taking the unnamed man’s drink into the bathroom while he went outside. Evans then returned the drink and he is seen drinking it.

A Waffle House spokesperson notes that Evans was “immediately terminated.” Authorities aren’t sure why Evans spiked her co-worker’s drink because she is refusing to cooperate. She was arrested this week on charges of possession of a controlled substance and aggravated battery. The man is unfortunately still in the hospital.

Waffle Houses appear to attract bizarre incidents. Just last month, a customer caught two employees of the restaurant chain doing their hair in the kitchen, in the same area that the food is prepared in. One employee even dipped her hair in a pot on the stove and dried it off with one of the restaurant’s towels.

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