College kids in one corner of Vermont looking for a boost of energy will once again have to resort to coffee, Mountain Dew, or a sufficient night’s sleep, because their Red Bull fix is going to be harder to come by. Middlebury College has banned the sale of energy drinks, citing a connection between the jump-start beverages, excessive drinking, and “high risk sex.”

According to The Middlebury Campus, the school’s student newspaper, flyers went up in dining halls around campus this week warning about the dangers of energy drinks, as well as announcing the ban, which will take effect March 7th.

The ban is the result of a community meeting where Myles Kamisher-Koch, an intern in the college’s dining-services department suggested that by selling 5-Hour Energy, Monster, and the rest, that the college wasn’t promoting a healthy lifestyle to its students.

“Kamisher-Koch’s data included a study finding that ‘up to 25 percent of current drinkers combine alcoholic beverages with energy drinks.’ He also included reports that energy drinks promote poor academic tendencies and foster a ‘culture of stress.’”

The ban on energy drinks affects only what can be bought on Middlebury campus though, and students who opposed the ban don’t seem to be fretting much—there are plenty of stores just off campus where students can get however much energy they need for those all-nighters and toga parties.

[via The Middlebury Campus]