Ever wish you could literally drown your stresses in beer? According to the Oregonian, that is a possibility at Hop in the Spa, a beer spa in Oregon with a proudly punny name that opened earlier this month. There, owner Sally Champa is offering a number of hops-based options that you won’t find at your local bar. Instead of offering clients pints of pilsner, they have the choice between services like a soak in a microbrew filled tub or an “ale foot soak.”

Champ, a trained massage therapist, started the beer spa with a client who had been in a terrible car accident as an “alternative form of therapy.” She tells the paper that the idea isn’t that novel and that “since the Middle Ages, [people] have been soaking in beer.” Hops are considered to have medicinal properties and have been used as a remedy for pain and even insomnia. Beer spas are still very popular in Europe too where countries like Austria have spas that offer baths in pure beer.

At Hop in the Spa, Champa swaps pure beer for a mixture of “hot spring water and fresh hops, with a dose of herbs and mineral oils”—which sounds like a beer that would be hard to get drunk on. In addition to offering hops-infused baths, body wraps, and facial scrubs, customers are given glasses of beer to drink. Champa has plans to eventually open a beer garden attached to the spa and a lounge serving hops-infused coffee called Hop in the Cup. Cheers to that.

Now, the real question is: how do beer baths compare to soaking in ramen? Surely it must be more beneficial, though decidedly less tasty, than soaking in a tub filled with tonkatsu. The noodle-filled bath, which is available in Japan, is said to increase a person’s metabolism and improve their skin—or just make them very, very hungry.

[via The Oregonian]