Everyone has their own tips and tricks for saying healthy, whether it’s a green juice every morning or a quick afternoon run. But 107-year-old Antonio Docampo García, who passed away last week, credited his longevity to the practice of replacing all the water in his diet with red wine.

According to the Telegraph, Docampo García was a wine connoisseur. Not only would he drink somewhere around four liters of wine a day (two with lunch and two with dinner), but he founded the wine company Bodegas Docampo. His son Miguel Docampo López details his father’s love for the drink. He tells the Telegraph,

“When we were both at home we could get through 200 litres of wine a month. He never drank water.”

Studies claim consuming large quantities of alcohol isn’t great for your health. But Docampo García isn’t the first old timer to make it past a century drinking booze on the reg. For over 70 years, 110-year-old Agnes Fenton has been drinking three Miller High Lifes and a shot of scotch every single day.

But hey, if drinking alcohol isn’t really your thing, why not try out a diet filled with bacon? The 116-year old Susannah Mushatt Jones swears by it.

[via The Telegraph]