Tom Brady has done many things in his life: Played professional football, won multiple Super Bowls, and married a super model. However, he has never tasted coffee. Yes, really, even though he lives in a city that swears by Dunkin’ Donuts. Brady went on WEEI’s “The Dennis and Callahan Show” this morning and confessed: “I never had any coffee or anything like that. I just never tried it.”

This is just the latest in a series of revelations about Brady’s diet that have been made in the past few months. Last week, the football superstar’s personal chef Allen Campbell opened up to about Brady and his family’s incredibly strict diet. His meals feature no fungus, dairy, caffeine, white sugar, white flour, and basically, fun.

He also doesn’t really eat fruit. Brady refuses to consume Frosted Flakes or Coca-Cola too and called them “poison for kids” in October. While it’s understandable that he avoids junk food (except for the occasional burger), especially given that he is a professional athlete, it’s surprising that he has managed to go his entire life without taking a sip of coffee, especially of the decaf variety, even just out of curiosity.

If Brady avoids coffee out of concern for his health, perhaps he should revaluate. A new study published in November found that drinking coffee daily is “associated with a reduced risk of dying from heart disease and certain other causes.”