If you thought Wendy’s and Burger King had beef, it’s nothing compared to the shade bullets mobile phone providers have been shooting at each other. A number of the major carriers have been running ads featuring dumb rolling balls that make fun of one another’s service and advertisements. T-Mobile, after pelting primetime television with its pink balls, decided to get a little more creative and take jabs at AT&T through a more enjoyable activity—drinking.

T-Mobile released a drinking game in conjunction with AT&T’s quarterly earnings call, poking fun at the latter’s love of corporate jargon. The drinking game features different tiers, all hell-bent on getting the players drunk (and possibly enough to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile). While there are funny moments like take two drinks if “AT&T nervously makes a Mexico/Trump joke,” they are always followed by swings at AT&T (“to deflect from its slow progress down south.”) T-Mobile offered up a similar drinking game last week for the Verizon earnings call as well.


While the drinking game idea is cheeky and playful, there are better ways to get drunk than having to listen to Wall Street types go on and on about fiscal this and mobile company that. For all the Harry Potter fans out there, there’s Quidditch Pong, which is beer pong with the addition of golden hoops, beater bats, and a snitch. And if Flip Cup is more your style, then there is always “Slip and Flip,” which involves a Slip ’n Slide.

[via T-Mobile]