Here’s something worth crying over: Two artists, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, are offering a workshop in London where participants will have the chance to make bitters out of a very personal ingredient—their own tears. According to Business Insider, for just £25 ($37.66 USD), people can have their sadness extracted and transformed into a bottle of bitters to add to cocktails. It gives a whole new twist to the concept of drowning your sorrows with alcohol.

So what exactly goes into the bitters? The duo notes on their website that they plan to include three types of tears that each human produces— “basal, reflex, and psychic.” They “aim to extract all three by various methods” which includes massage and menthol. The tears are then distilled and combined with aromatic herbs and spices of your choice and infused into a high proof spirit. All of this will be done by candlelight within the British Museum of Food and to an “impassioned classical soundtrack to encourage the tears.”


Bompas and Parr encourage gifting the bitters to a “friend or lover who has everything.” Perhaps throw in a bottle of Campari to make the most twisted Negroni of all time. The workshop isn’ the first time the two artists, who own the “culinary events group” Bompas & Parr, have launched a boozy stunt. The duo is behind such concepts as breathable alcohol and a drinkable whiskey tornado.

Still, bitters made from your own tears might not be as strange as half of the vodka flavors out on the market these days. What would rather knock back? Salty reminders of your past or smoked salmon-flavored martinis? A boozed up version of your sadness or a wasabi Moscow mule? We’d pick tear bitters any day.

[via Business Insider]