If you’ve ever worked at a bar, you know that comping people can get a little tricky. Of course you want your friends or VIPs to have a good time and feel special, but as a tipped employee, you also want to make sure that giving something away for free results in a big payday on the back end.

Some servers at Atlanta’s Tongue & Groove Nightclub found out the hard way that Bieber doesn’t play that game.


According to TMZ, Bieber ran up a tab of $1,600 in Don Julio, Grey Goose, and Jack Daniels. When it came time to settle the bill, Biebs left each of his two servers $200.

That would be a 25% tip—definitely above average if he had actually paid for his drinks. However, if everything is free, the tip should be at least 50% of the price that you would have paid. You still get a bargain and feel special, but you also make yourself look good by leaving a huge tip, and your server/bartender gets a nice bonus.


We can blame ourselves for leaving clubbing out of our complete guide to tipping. It should have also had a section called: If You’re Justin Bieber, Just Tip More. Always.

[via TMZ]