When you pull up to a convenience store and ask if anyone else in the car wants anything, Gatorade is a pretty common response. But when you ask what flavor, you’re less likely to hear an answer like “mango-raspberry” or “lemon-line” than you are “blue” or “the white/blue/see-through one.” No one knows what flavor Arctic Rush is—we just know it tastes good, and has electrolytes.

But in lock-step with the current trend of pressed juices, soda bans, and more carbonated water, PepsiCo will introduce an organic flavor of Gatorade into the market in 2016, according to Business Insider.


There’s no word on what flavor, or color, the Whole Foods-ready Gatorade will be, but PepsiCo CEO Al Carey seems to think the move was inevitable.

“It’s a consumer interest,” he told Business Insider. “I think they’re very interested in non-GMO and organic, and to the degree you can make it meaningful to the consumer — do it.”

Gatorade isn’t the only Pepsi product making the switch to a healthier option; after the success of Mountain Dew Kickstart, a take on the neon soda with coconut water and fruit juice, Tropicana is set to release a GMO-free line of juices in the coming year as well.


It doesn’t appear that the introduction of an organic Gatorade will interfere with your enjoyment of Arctic Rush or any other current or classic flavors. But sometime next year when your buddy hops out to go to the gas station and asks what color Gatorade you want, you can just yell, “The organic one!”

[via Business Insider]