We’ve all been there: desperate for a glass of wine, with no corkscrew in sight. Luckily, it looks like you won’t ever have to take a midnight trip to CVS to cop a replacement bottle opener ever again, because YouTube sensation the CrazyRussianHacker has you covered with eight life hacks to open that bottle of wine, pain free.

From your household pair of scissors to a blowtorch, here are four of the best wine-opening implements that you might be able to find lying around the house: 


This office supply turned corkscrew can take your drab office day from 0-100 real quick. Just place one side of the scissors into the cork and twist.


If you’re looking for a little extra excitement in opening your bottle, why not opt for a blowtorch? The pressure causes the cork to pop right off “just like a rocket.” The wine will probably be boiling after you torch it—just leave the bottle out for a little while and it will be good as new.

Air Compressor Hose

In a rush? Sticking an air compressor into a cork can easily pop your wine bottle open in a matter of seconds. As the guys state in the video, “air pressure in the bottle pushes the cork out. Science.”


If you have a little extra time on your hands, place your bottle of wine inside the sole of a shoe and gently bang the bottle against a wall. Not too hard though, you don’t want to break the bottle.

[via YouTube]