If you thought the craziest thing that went down at a Starbucks was one of these $55 Frappuccinos, you may want to think again. According to Esquire, a video (below) has re-emerged of a group of “20-something Texans” performing a straight up exorcism at an Austin location of the chain. There’s nothing like ridding yourself of the devil while guzzling $5 caramel lattes.

The video shows a group of three men holding down a fourth person who is spitting (out the devil?) into one of the chain’s famed red cups. The men—who are sitting at an outside table, while people inside the store carry on studying and ignoring the madness—chant a bunch of religious verbiage riddled with phrases like “by the blood of Jesus Christ.”


The person filming the video can be heard telling someone else watching the exorcism, “Starbucks is an interesting place to do this,” to which the other person responded: “The guys choose the place.” Even people performing exorcisms can’t pass up the free wi-fi and ample outlets.

Perhaps the men forgot that the real devil is Starbucks itself, at least according to one vocal evangelical. Earlier this month, self-proclaimed social media personality Josh Feuerstein declared that Starbucks has a vendetta against Christmas and Christ because the chain’s red cups don’t feature holiday icons this year.

[via Esquire]