Is there any beer in the world that is worth having a semi-truck run over your leg for? Some people would say no, but for one Columbus, GA man, the answer is “yes, Coors Light.” According to WAFB, 55-year-old Gregory Miller stole a Coors Light truck at 5:45 this morning. After being chased by the police, Miller jumped out of the semi-truck in an attempt to avoid the cops. However, he failed horribly.

The chase ended near a Bojangles location, where it ran over Miller’s leg when he escaped the vehicle. The police caught Miller at the scene. He was arrested and taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries, though perhaps he needs treatment for his questionable taste in beer.


Frat bros everywhere should be thankful that Miller did not end up crashing the truck and spilling the beer, unlike 23-year-old Malcom Jamal Wilcox. The truck driver crashed a Bud Light semi-truck into the median of a highway in Florida after being distracted by his puppy. Beer cans were strewn everywhere and he was ticketed for careless driving.

[via WAFB]