Although it might look pretty different from the outside looking in, the beer game’s a lot like the rap game: In order to stay relevant, you’ve got to push your creative boundaries while staying true to the originators—whether we’re talking Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash, or British cask ales and classic German pilsners.

For the third installment of “First We Feast Presents…That’s Odd, Let’s Drink It, our brewmaster host Sam Calagione heads to Freemans on the Lower East Side to meet up with an emcee who’s been thinking a lot about his legacy lately: Pittsburgh’s own Mac Miller.
toldi_macmiller_insertAs the 23­-year-­old rap star celebrates his first major-­label release, GO:OD AM, Sam meets him to share a special whiskey-­infused brew that’s built to age well—like a great album. With the 12%­-ABV ale acting as a truth serum, Mac offers some brutally honest (and hilarious) feedback on Sam’s fledgling craft­-beer rap group, The Pain Relievaz.

In addition to the fully customized brew, Sam also brings an extra-special gift for the occasion: a 1986 Thomas Hardy Ale valued at $150 a bottle. It’s older than Mac, and it demonstrates the potential of aged beers, which can transform over the course of decades.

Watch the full episode above to see this very rare duo sample some very rare beers.

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